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January 7, 2020

Whale Sharks Are Treat To Watch

Swim with whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef are the mesmerising creatures. As they are named as whale shark, but they are not a mammal they are from shark species. They have a large body and have slow-moving body movements. Due to their slow swimming, they are unique among the fishes of the same size category. The whale shark has white spots on their body and has a wide hammer-shaped head. The largest whale shark ever measured is around 12 meters, even bigger than the Great white shark. Only whales are bigger than the whale shark. But whale shark can be said as a friendly sea giant for humans. Even they have a huge size and mouth that is 1.5 meter in width. They are not a threat to humanity. Their mouth size can easily swallow an adult person, but they are not predators. The feed on filter feed, small fishes. 

Just like shark they have multiple rows of teeth in their mouth. Approximately they contain three thousand teeth but unlike other sharks, these teeth are tiny and cannot be seen easily. The other surprising fact about whale shark that they don’t use their teeth for eating food. As they have a large gulping mouth, so they swallow large amounts of seawater. Then this seawater will vent out via gills and anything solid will be a strain in the gills. This solid will be digested by the shark as their food. This method of feeding is called filter-feeding and only three species of sharks use this method including the whale shark 

The whale shark usually found in warm and tropical waters. They travel thousands of miles to find food, they also use their sense of smell to find food. They often swim alone but whenever they find food they always group to feed. As their favourite food is available at the surface of the water, so feeding together can help to gather more food. The average life span of whale shark ranges between 70-100 years. As they are large and bigger than all sea predators. So, they are not threatened by any natural predator. 

In many countries, there is a ban on hunting of whale shark because they are reducing in population. Many countries are promoting whale shark as a valuable tourist attraction. Because they are big in size, slow in movement and possess zero threat to humans. So, there are many reefs where humans can swim along with whale sharks. In Australia, you can go to Ningaloo Reef where you can dive in the water and have a lifetime swim with these whale shark. Once you will witness their presence near to you, you will appreciate the magnificence and beauty of the whale shark. By swimming along with them you can claim that you have swum with a shark, having a size of the whale. So, it will sound like a double treat. swim-with-whale-shark

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